Excellence in education has long been a central theme of the Springfield experience. With a high concentration of colleges and universities, including the state’s second-largest university system, learning at every level is valued and actively supported by a wide-spread community commitment to education. Here you’ll find Blue Ribbon public schools, exceptional private schools, innovative K-12 programs, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs in nearly every field. Whether you’re ready to further your own education, or want the best possible one for your family, Springfield is an excellent place to excel.

“I was pleased to find out how strong the public school system is here. Coming from a larger city where public schools were simply not a good option, it was refreshing to have a number of great choices in Springfield. We have been thrilled with our kids’ elementary and preschool experiences. It has been a welcoming environment with excellent communication from teachers and administrators, and high-quality learning for our kids.”

Cathy Rankin
Expedia, Inc.
Relocated from: Las Vegas, NV • Resident Since: 2010

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