Our rolling hills, verdant woodlands, sparkling streams, and miles of pristine lakes make the Ozarks a giant playground for outdoor adventure. Bike. Hike. Swim. Boat. Fish. Hunt. Waterski. Zip-line over the forest from the top of an Ozarks mountain. Ride the open roads on your motorcycle. Or simply soak up the sun in one of our many city parks with your favorite furry best friend. Adventure awaits only a short drive away.

  • Leisure Boating and Floating

    So what if there’s not a seaside beach just outside our doorsteps—in the Ozarks, there’s water, water everywhere! Miles of lakes, rivers, and streams surround Springfield. You’ll find opportunities for fun in watercraft from high-end cabin cruisers, ski boats, and houseboats to personal watercraft and pontoon boats at any one of the region’s magnets for water lovers. Within an hour, you can be on the water at one of more than half a dozen boating lakes including the headliner, Table Rock Lake, where you’ll find boat dealers of all kinds, full-service marinas, wet and dry boat storage, and plenty of spots to anchor up for a day of relaxation. Quiet lakes like Beaver and Bull Shoals Lakes or Stockton Lake, a paradise for those with sailboats, are just an hour away. Or a 90-minute drive can put you on the Lake of the Ozarks for an exciting summer outing.

    If you prefer a simpler boating experience, try our miles of rivers and streams. Nearly 40 inches of rainfall, mostly in the late winter and spring, bring the hundreds of Ozarks float streams to life, and the constant flow of cool, clear springs keeps the floating going almost year-round. Canoes, kayaks, and rafts are perfect choices for the National Scenic Rivers, which include the Current, the Jacks Fork, and the Buffalo. They provide hundreds of miles of floating and fishing streams, and even exciting whitewater runs, but with very little sign of development.

  • Hunting and Fishing

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  • Local, State, and National Parks

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