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Economic Overview

For a mid-sized metro area, Springfield, Missouri, has a long-standing economic growth record that’s not only respectable, but also, enviable. The Springfield, MO economy is thriving:

  • Springfield’s gross metro product has grown more than 23% in the last decade.
  • Springfield is the economic hub of an area that spans 27 counties in Missouri and Arkansas and encompasses more than 1 million people.
  • We’re ranked by 24/7 Wall Street as third in the top five American cities for job growth.
  • The Springfield metro area has experienced job growth of 11% since the recession.
  • We weathered the recession and came out strong with a remarkably low unemployment rate of 3.1% as of July 2018, compared to 4.1% nationwide.
  • In 2017, our Greene County population grew by 8.3%, while neighboring Christian County is the second fastest growing county in Missouri, with a growth rate of 17.8%.

As the third-largest city in Missouri, Springfield is a thriving and energetic metropolitan area that’s the perfect incubator for a wealth of industries and jobs. Grow in your career and come grow with us!

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