A row of chairs pushed up against a conference room table.
A male and female lab technician, at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO, in white lab coats examining a specimen.
A brick sign in front of O'Reilley Auto Parts corporate offices in Springfield, Missouri with their name and logo.
Glass window panes with metal beams at Strong Hall on Missouri State University's campus in Springfield, MO with an orange overlay.

Industries and Employers

Professionals in nearly any industry can find rewarding employment in Springfield. Our robust economy has made Springfield and the surrounding region an attractive environment for a diverse spectrum of businesses from Fortune 500s to private ventures. Several key industries including engineering, architecture, health care, information technology (IT), and more are consistently rich with opportunities.

  • Health Care

  • Headquarters and Business Services

  • Manufacturing and Logistics Companies

  • Government

  • Small Business and Entrepreneurs

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