The corner of Hammons Tower in Springfield, MO, a corporate building made of windows with an orange overlay.
Four business professionals dressed in black suits walking in front of the Springfield Exposition Center in Springfield, MO.
An exterior wall made of windows at Duane G. Meyer Library, Missouri State University’s main library with metal trim with the sun reflecting off of it.
A woman sitting next to a man showing him something on his notepad at Brandigm, a creative marketing agency in Springfield, MO.
The offices of BKD CPAs and accountants in Springfield, Missouri with an orange overlay.

Industry Associations

Whatever your field or area of interest, you’ll find countless ways to get involved and network with like-minded professionals in the Springfield region. Below is just a sampling of professional associations in key local industries. You can also download The Directory, a comprehensive listing of agencies, organizations, nonprofit clubs, and local networking groups in Springfield, MO.

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